Piles Surgery

Internal: As name suggest they are situated in deep inside of the rectum and can not been seen from outside. The main sign of having internal piles is bleeding. Generally they do not give you any pain etc.
External: They are found nearby by anus at a point where there are so many pain sensing nerves. So they are painful and can be bleed y at the same time. In many cases piles came out of the rectum and prolapse out side. They can be seen and are like some pink lumps with moisture. They also gives severe pain, discomfort , itching and bleeding.


Dosage are very simple and easy to use. Two capsules, in morning after breakfast and two after dinner. Apply cream once at bedtime with the help of applicator, provided with cream tube. As far as, duration of this treatment for piles is concern, for most of the cases (near about 80-85%) one month medication is sufficient. However, for patients who have older piles problem or have severe condition, or patients who have already reached to 2nd-3rd or 4th stage, need to use it more (Two to three months) .