Repair of Perineal Afer Childbirth

A perineal repair is a surgical procedure used to close tears or cuts in the perineum, a muscular part of the female anatomy that extends from the vagina to the anus. The procedure is most commonly performed after a natural childbirth. Many women develop tears along their perineum in the course of pushing the baby out, and some medical attendants will also intentionally make cuts in this region to enlarge the vaginal opening with the hope of making delivery easier. These sorts of intentional cuts are known as episiotomies. If tears or cuts aren’t repaired, a woman risks infection and further complications. The procedure is usually fairly simple, involving stitches and little else. Bad tears or very deep cuts sometimes require more advanced and invasive techniques, but in general, the procedure is quick and most women heal quickly.

After childbirth, you may have had stitches to repair any perineal tears, or an episiotomy. It is rare for the stitches to simply to come undone. However, occasionally an infection or pressure on the stitches from bleeding underneath can cause the stitches to breakdown, leaving an open or gaping wound.